Shaaran Hordes

Shadows of Tiamat

The Red Hand was routed, and the siege lifted. The Lions pursued the broken remnants of the goblinoid army through the vale. The survivors in Rethmar began to reassemble their walls, homes, and lives. Kerden was healed of his wounds by Tredora, but the lord’s pain and weariness lingered.

The Assasination of Lord Jaarmath

Seeing that the attacker had directed their attentions back away from the marketplace, the party left the barricades and made haste back to the Cathedral Square. They made their way past the message runners, wounded soldiers, and provisioners, heading for the temple’s steps where they could see Lord Jaarmath with his councilors.

Flames of the Entangled Dragon

After the war council, the heroes took what time they could to focus themselves. Ziggy retired to the rooms they were offered at the keep to study his spellbooks. Arquinn and Mitzi went out among the soldiers, finding their once traveling companion Teyani with a group of the Lions of Brindol, making what revelry they could with the looming siege.

From Death to the Brink

The company emerged between the legs of the great stone lion into the hot mid-afternoon sun. They found their horses dead, as if mauled by great beasts, but with no tracks to mark the predators. Though they succeeded in removing the threat of the undead joining the Red Hand, it now seemed impossible to reach Rethmar before the horde’s attack.

Fearing what they would find, J&J’s trudged to the north and east. They spent days hacking through the Thornwaste, depending on the blessing of Selune to slake their thirst. Emerging from the badlands, they began walking the long road back toward Dauth.

The Long Road to the Thornwaste

After dispatching the harrowblade, the party trudged on through the marshlands. Soon after reaching firm ground again, they rested for the night. Their sleep was interrupted when they were set upon by ghastly undead creatures, one of whose bite awoke Father Gilbridge from his slumbers. The hunger (and stench) from beyond the grave was no match for the heroes, however, and the foes were hastily dispatched.

They rode on to the south for the next two days, reaching Witchcross at nightfall. The village seemed nearly abandoned, but the JJAC managed to find shelter an the home of a local tanner. The bulk of the able bodied men of the area had gone off to Rethmar a few days prior in answer to Lord Jaarmath’s call for militiamen.

Deciding against visiting the Circle of Eth, they rode at dawn for Rethmar. Pushing the horses brught them to the city gates before dusk.


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