Shaaran Hordes

Forgetting Halruaa
12-13 Tarsakh 1373 DR

The members of J&J’s Adventuring Company (Shaaran Division) rode back away from the North Wall, trying their best to forget their failures in Halruaa with the prospect of treasures ahead. They’d gotten wind of a rumored treasure buried beneath a forgotten outpost in the Shaareach Forest known as Vraath Keep.

On their way back to the Dawn Way, the party stopped to rest for the evening at the home of Jorassil Indo, a successful rancher in the small community of Hillwatch. Their sleep was interrupted when reports of a goblin raid came from outlying homes. The JJAC accepted Mr. Indo’s invitation to investigate, and found the goblins had stolen livestock and provisions and headed off to the hills.

Their trail led to a protected valley guarded with a tower and barricades. They made quick work of the hobgoblin defenders (and their pet ogre) and investigated the small valley as dawn approached. After fending off a owlbear ambush, they found an ornate doorway leading into the hill. Solistar unlocked the door with his magicks, much to the suprise of the hobgoblins in the hall beyond.


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