Channath Vale

Description of the Channath Vale from Shining South

The Channath Vale is a narrow stretch of land along the southern side of the Shaar, where the River Channath flows west into the River Talar. The North Wall of Halruaa and the Bandit Wastes form its southern boundary, while the Shaar flanks it on the north. The vale consists of three separate woodlands (the Channathwood, the Misty Vale, and the Shaareach Forest), as well as the Dun Hills and the tiny range of mountains known as the Wyrmbones. A major caravan route follows the south side of the vale, connecting the Great Rift with lands west of the Shaar. Several communities have arisen in Channath Vale along this trade way, and their citizens reap the benefits of caravan traffic.

The major settlements in the Vale include Rethmar and, further to the east, Channathgate. A number of other smaller communities have grown along the caravan route that runs the length of the valley, which has long been named the Dawn Way.

On the western end of the Vale, the small village of Drellin’s Ferry serves as a stop for weary travellers, and a means to cross the wide running River Channath.

Channath Vale

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